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Final Reflection Paper (June 11)

Please reflect on your insights from this class about the design of spaces for learning.  Make specific reference to the readings, tours, and what you learned while doing the project.  Please address the following questions.

  1. Create a framework that organizes your understanding of the different ways that learning can be defined, and the activities that support each type of learning.  How can spaces support the learning that takes place in them?

  2. Create 3-5 overarching principles designing learning spaces.  For each, explain

    • What are important implications of this principle?
    • What design activities would be help you to meet this principle?
    • What are potential challenges in following this principle?
  3. How do we know if the design is effective?  Describe a specific space, and discuss the measures you would want to explore as evidence that it supported learning.

This individual reflection should be approximately 5 pages long (~1250 words). Visual representations welcome, but they should be accompanied by clear explanations in the text.  Ask Karin if you have questions or would like clarification of these instructions.  The reflection is due to Daniel by 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 11, 2013.


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