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Post #2 – Eastside College Prep – Haley and Johnny

What is special about this place, and the learning that happens in it?  What “aha’s” or insights help to constrain your design?     

Eastside College Prep – place.school.home – where learning transpires and where people gain insight into actions that enable positive change.

The students – eager.ambitious.diligent – college bound.


Yesterday, Johnny and I visited Sara To, BruteLabs co-founder, Eastside residential counselor and project partner, to learn more about the school, interact with the space, and discuss the design learning workshop that we will be hosting at the end of May. 

Ah-ha moments! and insights:

// Big picture: there is a twist in our project – we are designing the critical “elements” of the learning space that will need to be adjusted to whatever physical learning environment is appropriate for a given design exercise. These environments could range from the classroom to the campus to broader community.

 // Short-term: we need to decide on the user group for our first design workshop (e.g., parents, community, school employees, the students themselves) as this will inform the prompt we choose and the space we will design (still TBD)…however…

// Whereever the workshop is held, we will likely have a *home-space* (e.g., classroom, student lounge, etc) where we will teach and facilitate design thinking. We can start to design for this space broadly and then make adjustments once the physical location is determined

// How can we encourage the students to use design thinking to design spaces at their school, campus, and community? Ripple effect…

// Can we create a virtual space for students to showcase their work – a “pinterest of growth”?

Ah-ha moments we hope to inspire for the students through the learning that happens through the design workshops and the space:

// <EMPATHY >: Seek to understand and put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

//  a willingness and desire to take <ACTION>: Try. Try. Try. Don’t be afraid to fail! 

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