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Learning Space: Where we are in the process…

Where is your space?

Although we’re still deciding upon our location, I would ideally like to redesign a space in a middle school.  While teaching in a middle school, I realized how important the layout and design of a space is in contributing to the environment and culture of the school.  I am especially interested in spaces used by adults, and how these spaces can be used to ease some of the unnecessary burdens of teaching.  At my school, students had access to the faculty lounge, and we shared our classrooms with after school programs.  Sharing these spaces made it difficult to have conversations with adults, to take a quick break and eat, or just have some space to work.  I would be interested in creating a space that allows teachers to recharge, collaborate and converse with one another.

Who are the stakeholders who have an interest in your design, and how will you connect with them?

While still unsure of the project, there are many stakeholders when designing a space at a school.  The administration would certainly be involved, especially in identifying the cost and need for the space.  The janitorial staff should also be consulted regarding how the newly designed space will affect their jobs.  In addition, if the space involves teachers and/or students, they also should be accounted for in the design process, looking into how they may be negatively/positively affected by the changes.  Finally, it’s important to look at where the space is, in relation to the rest of the school.  If it is amongst classrooms, then it’s important to look at how neighboring rooms will be affected, and how it may upset the current flow of foot traffic. It’s important to empathize with the people who will be affected by the changes, and gather their input and opinions on how the space will best serve them and their needs.

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