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What Learning? ¬†Measures of space and understanding…

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Observe a learning space

Before class on Thursday, go to some space on campus where people learn. Observe, and if possible/appropriate, take pictures and talk to learners. Answer the following questions on a blog post:

What do learners do there?

What is the environment like?

How does it help people learn?

(Add photos if you can.)

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Connecting Thought and Environment

A favorite quote from Keith Basso’s (1997)¬†Wisdom Sits in Places: “Incorporating places and their meanings into a compact model of mental and social development, [one theory of wisdom] proposes that the most estimable qualities of human minds – keen and unhurried reasoning, resistance to fear and anxiety, and suppression of emotions born of hostility and pride – come into being through extended reflections on symbolic dimensions of the physical environment.” (pg. 85)

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