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5/5 – Design Post #3 (Katie & Manmeet)

Who are the learners?

Katie and I are redesigning the Flexible Classroom space at JLS Middle School. There are three different learners using this space for different purposes.

1. Students use the space for club events such as chess competition, knowledge challenge etc.

2. Teachers use the space for weekly staff meetings and classroom activities

3. Parents use this space for parent teacher meeting

Post 1-3 personas that will help focus your efforts to meet their learning needs.  What special needs do they have that create a special point of view?

1. Tim is a 6th grader who loves to play chess and wants to focus while playing chess but likes being surrounded by others (together but alone). Tim is short and has trouble picking up heavy chairs and stacking them up every time to prepare the space for a chess tournament.

Special needs: A space which fosters together but alone feeling, comfortable furniture for 6th graders, easy to move furniture

2. Ms. Smith is a new middle school teacher who wants to collaborate with another teacher in order to jointly run a class activity with two different sections. Ms. Smith wants to brainstorm creative ideas for designing the classroom activity and is looking for space which lets her think out of the box and hopefully run the activity. Later in the afternoon Ms. Smith needs to attend a staff meeting and wants to relax after an exhausting day of teaching middle school kids.

Special needs: A space that fosters out of box thinking, allows classroom activity, comfortable relaxed seating for a young teacher

3. Sharon is a working mom who is curious about Tim’s classroom progress and wants to meet his teacher Ms. Smith to discuss classroom performance. Sharon wants to attend a parent teacher meeting where she can privately discuss Tim’s performance after all the parents have been jointly addressed. Sharon also wants to interact with other parents in order to discuss ideas for parent voluntary activities.

Special needs: A space that invites parents to interact, allows mass address, allows private conversation with teacher or other parents

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