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Field Notes: Stanford Graduate School of Business

Author: Manmeet Mavi
Event: Site visit to Stanford GSB
Date of event: Tuesday, April 9, 2013
Time of event: 13:30 to 15:00
Place: 655 Knight Way, Stanford, CA
Date of record: Wednesday April 10, 2013

Graduate School of Business Map


1. Monument to Change as It Changes


“Change lives. Change organizations. Change the world.” The Graduate School of Business believes in change and this is reflected in art work called “Monuments to change as it changes”. The art work is a wall which consists of computer-controlled array of flip digit modules like those on departure and arrival boards at European train stations, but with colored cards instead of letters and numbers. As the cards flip around within each module, they create a pleasant fluttering sound and a beautiful, ever-evolving set of patterns and images.


Anyone visiting the business school campus (student, their family and friends, faculty, guests) takes notice of this art work and is mesmerized by its patterns and sound. People spend hours sitting in front of it trying to decipher the patters and guess what’s next. The art installation facilitates learning that change is constant…..

(Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-GowlLiZqbg)



Cemex is a 600 seat square shaped auditorium for hosting events and conferences. The auditorium hosts distinguished business and government leaders from around the world to address the Stanford community. Cemex is a shared resource with the university and is used by student clubs, admissions office and faculty for hosting events. The facility boasts of floor-to-ceiling windows for lighting, high-end acoustics with wooden sound proofing and a 30 feet digital projector. The building incorporates use of sustainable material to reduce the environmental impact.


The seats are arranged in two tiers giving the space a surprisingly intimate feeling where the audience feels connected to the speaker. The auditorium is designed to foster a sense of security which allows the speaker to speak his/her mind freely. The building design allows secure and exclusive entry and exit for high level public figures who might require high security.

Cemex 1

The auditorium is not adorned with any paintings on the wall or design on the stage. The décor is very neat, simple and bland which helps direct the audience attention to the speaker.

3. Community Court


Just outside CEMEX Auditorium, the Community Court is a fantastic outdoor addition to the school indoor spaces. The large, open grassy area is used in conjunction with the auditorium and nearby classrooms for a full-scale conference or alone for an expansive outdoor banquet. This space is used for event registration, book signing, welcome lunch for new admits and Friday evening LPF parties.

The community court overlooks the Hoover tower which is an intentional design aspect to invite students from the other parts of the Stanford to the GSB campus. One edge of the community court is lined with comfortable wooden reclining chairs  outside the Arbuckle dinning pavilion.

The Community Court entrance has a fire lane marking embedded inside the flooring. The fire lane marking demarcates the area which cannot be used for event activities from the area available for use, thus, helping the event planners organize the arrangements at venue.


4. Town Square


The Town Square is the heart of the Graduate School of Business. It is an open space lined with trees and benches with umbrellas. It is framed by the Arbuckle Dining Pavilion on the west, the Bass Center library on the north, the student lounge cum faculty office building on the east. The GSB main entrance from Serra Street leads to the Town square which is surrounded by classrooms on the outer periphery.


The town square is a meeting space for engaging in conversation with acquaintances, classmates and faculty. The venue is used for eating, studying, student and faculty meetings and group events such as club fair, career management center drop in hours etc. Occasionally the venue is tented and used for outdoor reception/banquet for alumni meetings.

Town Sq

The atmosphere in the Town Square is welcoming to enjoy the California sunshine. Trees and umbrella help limit the sunlight to an optimum level. The central location allows easy access to dinning, library, classrooms and faculty office. The open space, seating arrangement and availability of food at a central location make Town Square an ideal space for making new friends and catching up with acquaintances.

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