Extended Readings & Resources

Some cool resources and other thought-provoking readings that push our thinking about how to design a learning space.



Cues in a learning space indicate to learners that they are welcome and belong: Cheryan et al (2009) Ambient Belonging: How Stereotypical Cues Impact Gender Participation in Computer Science


aids with attention, stress, feelings of safety:


T. R. Herzog, A. M. Black, K. M. Fountaine, and D. J. Knotts, “Reflection and Attentional Recovery as Distinctive Benefits of Restorative Environments,” Journal of Environmental Psychology 17 (1997): 165–70

S. Kaplan, “The Restorative Benefits of Nature: Toward an Integrative Framework,” Journal of Environmental Psychology 15 (1995): 169–82.

R. S. Ulrich et al., “Stress Recovery during Exposure to Natural and Urban Environments,” Journal of Environmental Psychology 11 (1991): 201–30.

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