Design Project Post for April 28

This place is special because it is not built, yet. The university has not decided how many resources to commit to it, so I can present my design based on that scale. The three possible spaces are currently designated as: a large conference room, a multiple person study room, and cubicle space. While similar spaces exist commercially and are appearing in local libraries, this space is on a university campus. The activity is frequently viewed as “hobbyist”, which may not appear to belong at an institution of higher learning. However, I believe the applications of this new technology will extend into many educational fields.

The learning in such a space is similar to prototype development, in that a physical object is created and several iterations of creation may be required to bring the ephemeral idea into physical being. As a technology just entering a price range approachable for consumer use, the learning will not necessarily focus on creating things, but on how such things can be employed elsewhere (e.g. in a student presentation).

The insight that constrains my design is the allocated space. With just a cubicle space, only one printer can be used. With a slightly lager space, maybe 2-3. In a very larger space, multiple printers and other equipment can be housed.

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