Design Post for May 5

The learners are people who are just discovering this as an activity to help other pursuits (both personal and educational). It is important to not hinder those who are already familiar with the technology, so try to build a community for them.


Persona Lana

Lana is an art history major. She has watched her mother sew costumes before, but isn’t really exposed to creating things herself. She likes studying in the library because other people are around also studying. She enjoys dancing and is just learning about period (historical) dance. While she likes being exposed to new things, she doesn’t have much patience for investing a lot of time before seeing some results. Lana needs a way to easily incorporate her creative ideas without spending a lot of time in learning how.


Persona Mark

Mark is a biology major. He is attracted to the biotech industry and is interested in the both between biological research and how biological research is conducted. He has a libertarian bent and likes discussing hypothetical and legal ramifications of new technology, especially on how it relates to the general public. He is not very interested in mechanical engineering, but does like what ME has contributed to biology. Mark needs an area which contextualizes what can be currently accomplished.

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