Design Post for May 26

The simplest method to know if the environment is working, is if the printers are being used throughout the quarter.

While the total printing time of an item is dependent on the size of the object being printed, there is still considerable start up and finishing time as well. While a large item might take the entire time the area is open (assuming it isn’t available 24 hours/day), two small items might be able to be printed. This is all trackable by the printer, of course. At first, a schedule/reserve may not be needed, but demand could push this to be a necessity.

This leaves two assessment plan possibilities: the schedule and the printer log. The schedule is a straightforward analysis, the number of open slots requested for use versus the number of total slots available gives a percentage of in-use time. If the printers’ access is controlled by the librarian, or open to general use, this measure is implemented in similar ways. The printer log is similarly straight forward, just compare its start and finish times to when the library is open (ore the making area is accessible) to determine total percentage use.

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