Design Post for May 12

Incredible artistic ability

Incredible artistic ability

1. Setting the Scene: The library, a nice place to study and not be isolated in a dorm room.

2. The Strange Box: “What’s that strange box over there?”

3. More Peculiarities: “What are those two holding and talking about?”

4. Realization: “That box is making something by melting plastic”

5. Possibilities: Posters showing the various and unique uses of 3D printing in medicine, education, etc.

6. Inquiry: How do I get to use that new box over there?

Lana is on her way to study in the library, which she likes so she doesn’t have to feel alone in her room. Off to the side of the open study area, she sees a new piece of equipment she hasn’t noticed before, and a couple of people are standing around talking about something one of them is holding. Out of curiosity, Lana heads over to look at the box. She reads the posters nearby and learns that the box is a 3D printer and 3D printing has been used in the medical field, scientific research, education, and many other pursuits. Her interest piqued, she heads over to the tech desk to find out how she can use the printer.

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