Storyboard (Native Student Persona) – Ashley + Melissa


Here is the storyboard for the Native American Student attending Stanford.  I enjoyed working outside and being surrounded by nature’s elements.  My mind felt at ease and naturally began to produce ideas and designs, as exhibited by the storyboard!

Picture Captions:

1. Talia arrives to Stanford, she’s a freshman student from a small reservation in South Dakota.

2. The first place Talia is introduced to is the Native American Cultural Center (NACC).

3. She begins going to the NACC to study and hang out with friends.

4. Whenever she gets homesick, Talia visits the NACC and talks to other students with similar reservation backgrounds.  It helps!

5. Talia also visits and makes an appointment to speak with Native American Center staff to get academic counseling.

6. The NACC becomes like a home-away-from-home for Talia.

7. Some of Talia’s friends @ the NACC encourage her to join the American Indian Science & Engineering Society (AISES)!

8. She joins AISES and attends monthly meetings @ the NACC.  Lunch is provided!

9. Talia is very excited to attend the National AISES meeting in Arizona.


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  1. Thanks Haley, for nurturing my soul via the dance lessons and suggesting we work outside! 🙂

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