Design post – April 21

Where is your space?

My space is the common lounge in Hoskins midrise.  It is located on the ground floor of the building, just to the left of the main doorway after you walk in.  This is the primary common room for the midrise which consists of 63 apartments (126 residents).  One half of the common area consists of sofas and a TV (for socializing) and the other half consists of a table and bookshelf (for studying).  The common area isn’t particularly inviting for either socializing or studying, however, and the ambiance could be significantly enhanced.

Who are the stakeholders who have an interest in your design, and how will you connect with them?

Obviously, the residents of Hoskins are the primary stakeholders, but other stakeholders include the mailmen (whom I often see watching TV in the common area during the day), maintenance people who have to clean the common area, and other Stanford students who may be visiting their friends in Hoskins.  I am a CA in the building, so I am able to connect with Hoskins residents through the official house listserv which can be useful for getting resident feedback on changes they’d like to see in the common area to make it more enticing to use.  I rarely see students using the common area unless there is a free-food event sponsored by the CAs, so I’d like to help make changes to the common area that makes it a more useable area.

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