Design Project Posts (weekly starting April 21)

Your turn!  One of the ways we learn is by applying the ideas discussed in class to a real-world project.  In this class, you will choose a real-world learning space and propose three redesigns, based on budget (no money, modest, and infinite budget).

You may reach out to any space that interests you, but we also have several interested parties who have mentioned that they would welcome a project. For example, you could design

  • a middle school staff lounge/workroom space,
  • shared informal learning space for doctoral students in MS&E,
  • a makerspace in Meyer with the idea of creating such a space in the renovated GSB South,
  • a group work ‘studio’ that could be used for a variety of project-based activities, such as video shoots.

The advantage of working on partner projects is that they facilitate access to stakeholders, and there’s a real chance some part of the design will be implemented.

Projects can be done alone or in pairs.  Each project will post updates to help us monitor and discuss your progress in developing these designs.  Please post these by Sunday night so that we can review them before class.

Sunday April 21: Where is your space? Who are the stakeholders who have an interest in your design, and how will you connect with them?

Sunday April 28: What is special about this place, and the learning that happens in it?  What “aha’s” or insights help to constrain your design?

Sunday May 5: Who are the learners? Post 1-3 personas that will help focus your efforts to meet their learning needs.  What special needs do they have that create a special point of view?

Sunday May 12: Post a storyboard of at least one interaction for a learner in this space.

Sunday May 19: List some of the assumptions you are making about the ways learners interact with this space.  Which of these could you explore through an experience prototype? How might that look?

Sunday May 26: How would you know if it’s working?  Describe an assessment plan, addressing the unit of analysis, intervention, observations/measures, and assessment context.

Sunday June 2: Share your designs with at least one stakeholder.  What was their response?

Questions?  Ask us!


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